7cm Studio Photography Props Smoke Cake



Smoke Cake

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Smoke Cake Just for Film and television lit pure white smoke effect! Diameter 7cm, fuming about 3 minutes. This price is for one Piece。

This smoke cake just for Stage Film Advertising, television drama witnessed its quality and effectiveness, quality Ensured, please rest assured purchase!
It is the first Choice for Movies, Television, Commercial, and Digital Photography!

The main role is to put the smoke, Considering the Health of the Staff, please do not put too much cigarette, each time with a small part to Cigarette ,breaking down fast, make it holding, cigarette fan with a fan on, to achieve the effect what you want to, the remaining part can be stamped out in the soil.
Storage: Keep it in moisture, Avoid heat or sun, anti-extrusion can be.
Ingredients: sulfur and sawdust, add a desiccant

The smoke cake is fragile; the courier is Long journeys. Sometimes, when you receive an individual may have broken the middle, and it will not affect its function and Effect. (Usually, we need to split little parts to use. If you do not demand too much smoking, just small inches will be able to meet the requirements).

Package Include:
1 X 7cm Studio Photography Props Smoke Cake