20mm RMS Royal Microscopy Society Lens to M42 Adapter

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Lens Adapter Suit For RMS Royal Microscopy Society Lens to M42 Mount


The all-metal adapter is designed to fit the lens securely, yet can still be removed easily when not needed.



It has a female 36 TPI (thread per inch) thread at one end, which will hold any microscope objective with a standard RMS (Royal Microscopy Society) thread.
At the other end, it has a standard male M42mmx1mm male thread to connect to your 42mm adapter.



Material: Aluminum
Height Size: 5mm 
Inside Thread:  RMS (20mm)
Outside Thread:  42mm X1mm


Compatible with:

RMS (Royal Microscopy Society) lens

M42 Mount


Package Include:

1x Lens Adapter Suit For RMS Royal Microscopy Society Lens to M42 Mount

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