78 inch 8ft Small Camera Crane Jib Arm

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Achieving those big-budget style crane shots isn't just for Hollywood anymore. You can now add those beautiful shots to your productions for an absolute fraction of what is spent on the Big Sets. Don't be left behind just because you don't think you can afford a great jib/crane move...
Use the compact camera crane/jib to get closer to action and see the subjects from every imaginable angle. Regardless of whether you are taking stills with your DSLR camera or shooting a film using your DV camera, you will be able to reach those awkward and unreproducible angles with the Camera Crane Jib compact camera crane/jib easily.
All you need is a Camera Crane Jib to offer much better, innovative and professional quality work. Captivate the viewer with a swooping crane shot!

Mini / Compact Camera Crane Jib Boom
2. Exquisite stabilizer which is made of high-strength metal.
3. With high-precision imported bearings, low-friction joints
4. Sponge covered the grip, make you feel comfortable when handle it
5. Fits for all kinds of professional camcorders, SLR cameras and DVS
6. The Crane Jib features an all aluminum mount that won't break like plastic and safely supports the weight of the camera.
6. Ideal for photography, video recording, motion picture maker etc….

Note: The maximum loading capacity is limited by the weight of the counterweights. You can you can get more of your camera crane by using more counterweights.

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