Caps Lens Covers For CCTV Lens

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Caps Lens Covers For CCTV Lens And Small Optics Device Objective M12 Lens, S Mount, Board Lens Introduction: These lens caps are suitable for compatible lens sizes and different optical device Color: black Material: PE (100mm and 165mm material: TPE) Note: All sizes are measured as Internal Diameter. This is equivalent to the external diameter of the lens. Please allow a small difference in measurement About the deep, it is not very precision. Size: 11mm ID 6mm Deep 12mm ID 6mm Deep 13mm ID 5mm Deep 14mm ID 5mm Deep 14.5mm ID 5mm Deep 15mm ID 6mm Deep 16mm ID 6mm Deep 17mm ID 6mm Deep 18mm ID 4mm Deep 18.8mm ID 6mm Deep 20mm ID 3mm Deep 22mm ID 7.5mm Deep 22.3mm ID 6mm Deep 23mm ID 7mm Deep 23.2mm ID 6mm Deep 23.5mm ID 10mm Deep 25.5mm ID 7mm Deep 27mm ID 7mm Deep 28mm ID 7mm Deep 28.5mm ID 7mm Deep 30mm ID 7mm Deep 32mm ID 7mm Deep 33 mm ID 10mm Deep 34mm ID 7mm Deep 35mm ID 10mm Deep 36mm ID 7mm Deep 37mm ID 7mm deep 39mm ID 7mm Deep (two layer structure, please see the pictures) 40mm ID 7mm deep; 42mm ID 7mm deep; 43mm ID 7mm Deep 45mm ID 7.5mm Deep 47mm ID 7.5mm Deep 48mm ID 7.5mm Deep 50mm ID 7mm deep; 52mm ID 7mm deep; 55mm ID 7mm deep; 60.5mm ID 10mm Deep 61mm ID, 10mm Deep 65mm ID, 10mm Deep; 78mm ID, 10mm Deep 90mm ID, 10mm Deep 100mm ID, 10mm Deep 105mm ID, 10mm Deep 165mm ID, 12mm Deep Package Include: Caps lens covers X1 PCS

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