Graduated Gray Filter Color Effect Lens Filters

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Pixco Graduated Gray Filter Color Effect Lens Filters

Soft/hard indicates the degree of transition. Horizontal/Vertical indicates the direction of the graduation.
Add color selectively while leaving the rest of the scene unaffected
Half color, half clear with a graduated density transition for smooth blending into the scene
Available in a rainbow array of colors and Neutral Density filters
Used in combination, with one affecting the upper half of the image, the other affecting the lower half


This unique filter adds spectacular color to one half the photo while leaving the other half untouched.
If you like shooting landscapes in the morning or at dusk, make them into breathtaking studies. Not only will it add color but it does so with a subtle and extremely gradual transition between the two halves of the filter.



Type Graduated: Gray
Effect: Adds color to half the image
Application: Nature, scenic

Package Include:

1 X Pixco Graduated Gray Filter Color Effect Lens Filters


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