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Pixco Macro Extension Tubes are a wonderful substitution for expensive macro lenses, enabling you to convert almost any lens into a macro lens at a fraction of the cost while maintaining its original optical quality. By placing distance between your camera body and lens, focusing distance is shortened and the magnifying effect of your subject is created. Macro tubes increase the lens-to-sensor distance, allowing for closer focusing than what is normally allowed by the lens itself. The greater the length of the extension tube, the closer the lens can focus. This means you can now get macro performance without needing to switch to a specialized lens and you will retain all the normal benefits of your optic when the macro function is not in use.

The camera mount coupling adapter and lens mount coupling adapter can be used independently of the extension tubes or you can add in the tubes for extreme macro photography. Because no other optical components are added with this kit, the image preserves the original optical properties of the lens. This is an affordable and simple way to turn your existing lens into an inexpensive macro lens. This tube set includes a lens-coupling ring and a body-coupling ring; three extension tubes of various sizes are also included to build-up to the desired magnification. Life size image can be achieved with this set up.

Compatible with:

All Canon EOS Mount Camera
(such as:250D/90D/4000D/2000D/6D II/200D/77D/5D IV/1300D/80D/1DX II/5DS/5DS R/760D/750D/7D II/1D/6D/7D/5DIII/5DII/100D/700D/650D/600D/550D/1100D/1000D/500D/70D/60D/50D/40D..etc)


All Nikon F Mount Camera
(such as:D6/D3500/D850/D7500/D5600/D3400/D500/D5/Df/D7200/D810A/D5500/D750/D810/D4S/D4/D3/D610/D600/D800E/D700/D300S/D300/D5300/D5200/D5100/D3200/D3100/D90/D7100/D7000..ect)

For All Fujifilm X mount Camera
(such as: X-A7/X-T30/X-T100/X-H1/X-A5/X-E3/X-T20/X-A10/X-A3/X-T2/X-Pro2/X-E2S/X-T1 IR/X-T10/X-A2/X-T1/X-E2/X-M1/X-E2/X-E1/X-A1/X-Pro1)


All Canon R Mount Camera
(such as: Canon R6 / R5 / RP / R)


All Olympus 4/3 Mount Camera
(such as: E-5/E-3/E-30/E-620/E-610/E-600/E-520/E-510/E-500/E-450/E-420/E-410/E-400/E-330..etc)


For All Pentax PK mount Camera
(such as:K-1II/KP/K-70/K-1/K-3II/K-S2/K-S1/K-5IIs/K-5II/K-5/K-3/K-r/K-x/K-m/K-7/K-500/K-50/K-30/K-20/K-10..etc)


For All Sony Alpha Mount Camera
(such as: Alpha a99 II/SLT-A68/SLT-A77II/A900/A850/A700/A650/A580/A560/A550/A500/A450/A390/A380/A290/A99/A77/A65/A58/A57/A55/A37/A35/A33..etc)


All Micro 4/3 Mount Camera,such as:

Panasonic G95/G91/G90/GX9/GF10/GH5S/G9/GX850/GX800/GF9/GH5/G85/G80/GX85/GX80/GX7II/GF8/GX8/G7/GF7/GM5/GH4/GM1/GX7/GX1/GH3/GH2/GH1/G6/G10/G5/G3/G2/G1/GF6/GF5/GF3/GF2/GF1

Olympus E-M5 III/E-PL10/E-M1X/E-PL9/E-M10 III/E-M1 II/E-PL8/Pen-F/E-M10II/E-M5 II/E-PL7/E-M10/E-M5/E-M1/E-PM2/E-PM1/E-PL5/E-PL3/E-PL2/E-PL1/E-P5/E-P3/E-P2/E-P1


All Sony E Mount Camera
(such as;A9II/A7RIV/A6600/A6100/A6400/A7III/A7RIII/Alpha a9/Alpha 7R/Alpha 7/A6300/A7SII/A7II/A5100/A6000/A5000/A7R/A7/A3000/NEX-7/NEX-6/NEX-5T/NEX-5R/NEX-5N/NEX-5/NEX-3N/NEX-F3/NEX-C3/NEX-3)

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