Metal Tilted Vented Lens Hood

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Metal Tilted Vented Lens Hood 62mm For Leica MMetal Tilted Vented Lens Hood 62mm For Leica M
Introduction:1. Metal lens shade for all Leica/Canon/Nikon/Sony/Pentax 62mm filter thread lenses, will screw into your lens, or filter. 2. Solid metal construction, with flat black interior to prevent reflections.3. If you would like some measure of protection for your Leica lenses and are not willing to pay the exorbitant prices for the original equipment, here is your chance!  4. Can be used even with the telephoto lenses -mainly to protect the filter mount from dings and scratches if you are not using an original Leica lens shade.
Feature:Screw style lens hoodFit other lens which is with 62mm filter threadMade of metal, Leica style lens hoodIt can prevent unwanted stray light from entering the lens and ensure no problems with vignetting or motor functions.Added benefit of extra protection from accidental impact.
Compatible With:Any lens with 62mm filter thread
Package Include:1 X Metal Tilted Vented Lens Hood 62mm ForLeica M

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