Nikon-Nikon Tilt Adapter

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-This adapter ring allows you to use your Nikon F Mount lens on your Nikon camera, saving you the expense of a costly and irreversible conversion.

-To use, simply attach the ring to your lens and then the lens to the camera. When you have finished removing both together. It's as easy as that!

-The camera adapter has no lens element so it does not effect optical performance.



-Maximum 8 degrees Tilt

-Color: black

-Made of aluminum and brass

-NOT support focus infinity in manually, for MACRO shooting only



All Nikon F Mount Lenses.

All Nikon F Mount Camera

(such as:D780/D6/D3500/D850/D7500/D5600/D3400/D500/D5/Df/D7200/D810A/D5500/D750/D810/D4S/D4/D3/D610/D600/D800E/D700/D300S/D300/D5300/D5200/D5100/D3200/D3100/D90/D7100/D7000..ect)

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