Nikon-Olympus4/3 Adapter

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New for Nikon lens (AF / AI / AIS, except DX lenses) to Olympus all DSLR body mount adapter WITH LOCK. The lock can fix the position of the lens on the adapter. It can also provide "focus to infinite" availability


How to use:

To Mount: Mount the Lens onto the adapter and then mount them onto the camera.

To Remove: Remove both lens / adapter together from the camera, press the lens lock and then remove the adapter from the lens simultaneously.


For using Olympus DSLR E300 E500 E510 E400 E410 E330 E1 cameras with for Leica R lenses.


Focusing can be to infinity.



  • Completely manual control, manual focus and manual exposure
  • Focus to Infinity
  • No electrical connection
  • There is no ROM connection on the ring so diaphragm control of the lens is set manually.
  • Equipped with lock & stop pin
  • Made of Brass and aluminum with High Quality



  • For All Nikon F Mount Lenses
  • For All Olympus 4/3 Mount DSLR Camera

Such as: For Olympus E-5, E-7, E420, E620, E520, E-410, E-510, E500, E3, E510, E-300, e-300 EVOLT, E450, E30, E-1, E-10, E-410, E-20P, E-400, E-20N

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