PG-708 TTL Speedlite For Nikon

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High performance, high compatibility, high-power flash output. 360° left and right whirl flashing angle. 


Why use 2nd Curtain Sync?

When you set your camera to 2nd curtain sync, the first curtain opens and everything going on in the scene is being recorded. Now, since the exposure time is long, all these happenings are being blurred. As the exposure comes to an end, the second curtain will start to close. Since you’re in 2nd curtain sync mode, the flash will fire right before the second curtain starts to shut. This way, you have all motion blur trails registered, and then at the end of your exposure the flash fires freezing your subject at whichever state they are at the moment, and you have your motion blur behind the subject instead of in front of them. Pretty neat!!



Wireless trigger sensors: Remote sensing CELL 2 mode for off-camera TTL flash sync.

Increase the external power outlet: PG series adds an external power outlet; call back the higher rate to meet your needs.

Quick call back: Full output only 2.9 seconds recycle time, do not apply the new battery can also call back to obtain a rapid rate, only 4-5 seconds.

Support high-speed continuous shooting: 1/16 and below the brightness, TR series to support high-speed continuous shooting 12SEPS.

Power-saving mode: When the flash without any action on the backlight turned off after 20 seconds, 60 seconds when the flash does not work, CPU automatically goes to sleep does not work more than 30 minutes, CPU will automatically shut down.

High-precision output: From 1/128 to 1/1, eight stalls to lose, each stall have two fine-tuning compensation.

Overheat protection: Built-temperature detection (thermal protection)

Support second-curtain sync Uses a slow shutter for making smear subject; the flash will be off the moment the shutter flash spill; this is the rear-curtain sync function.



Circuit design: Insulated gate bipolar transistor (IGBT)

Flash index:54 meters (ISO 100, 105MM)

Up and down whirl angle degree:0-90 degree

Left and right whirl angle degree:0-360 degree

Flash control: 8-grade high-speed control (1/128-1/1)

Recycle time: About 3 seconds (using AA alkaline cell)

Peripheral interface: Hot shoe, PC mount, external charge mount

Colour temperature:5500K

Recycle Time: Less than 3s ( AA alkaline cell used)

Color Temperature:5600K

Flash time:1/200 seconds-1/20000 seconds

Power:4pcs AA alkaline cell or AA nickel-hydrogen (NI-MH)battery

Lighting time:100-1500 times(using AA alkaline cell)

Wireless distance: Indoor 20-30 meters, outdoor 10-15 meters

Additional function: PC synchronous, sniff mode, over temperature protection


Net weight:340g


Compatible with:






Package Include:

1pcs x PIXCO PG-708 TTL Speedlite For Nikon

1pcs x User manual


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