Pixco RL-290 19'' Colorful Heart-Shaped LED Ring Light Photography 48W 3200K-6000K 290pcs Bulbs With Remote Stand Kit

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Output Voltage:18V 3A
LED Outer Power:48w
Color Temperature:3200K-5600K
Input Voltage AC:100V-240V
USB charging interface:5V,2A
LED number:White 120pcs/Warn 120pcs/Multi 50pcs
Color temperature or multi color mode knob:
♦ White/Warn mode:Adjust color comperature 3200K to 5600K.
♦ Multi color mode:Adjust red,green,blue,purple,yellow,cyan,
low speed color flash or high speed color falsh.
Size: 49cm long, 44cm wide, 3.5cm thick

1. Retain ambient light, suitable for night scene shooting, preserve ambient light
2. Live broadcast is more beautiful, suitable for mobile phone live, video, makeup, clothing, etc.
3. White + warm + colorful. Creative, night shot, portrait, personality, Japanese, small fresh shot
4.led light is soft. Creative, evenly displayed. Easy to illuminate and shoot big movies

1. Please read the manual carefully and install the lighting according to the instruction sheet before using it.
2. Please fix the lighting on the bracket.
3. The ting lighting shall be used within the normal voltage.
4. Don't pull the cable to turn off the power and don't touch the plug with a wet hand.
5. The ring lighting shall keep a dry and ventilated place.
6. When stop using please cut off the power to avoid the short circuit.

4.Packing included:
1.1 x RL series light body
2.1 x Power Cable
3.1 x Adapter
4.1 x Bag
5.1 x Instruction
6.1 x Mobile phone holder
7.1 x Bluetooth remote control

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