EF-Canon M Speed Booster Focal Reducer Adapter



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Pixco EF Lens to Canon EOS M Speed Booster Focal Reducer Lens Adapter

Why need to use speed booster/focal reducer adapter?
It converts full-frame lenses into APS-C lenses. The advantage is to get the full frame field of view onto the APS-C sensor.

Increase exposure to 1 stop, and you can use a faster shutter speed to shoot an image.
Works fine, closely combined with the bayonet smooth, like the original lens.
Full manual operation, manual focus, manual iris adjustment can be achieved with body manual exposure, aperture priority exposure, combined infinite focus.

Max. f-stop pass through 1.4
Optical design (lenses / groups): 4/3
Focal length extension: 0.7x
Image diameter (mm): 28.5
Bayonet front: 135 full frame lens
Bayonet back: Canon EOS M

You must set the camera to "Shooting without lens" mode to ON before use.
Avoid direct shooting to light sources, or otherwise, blue spot occurs.

Compatible with:
Canon EF Lens
Canon EOS M Camera: M50,M6,M5,M10,M3,M2

Package Include:
1 X speed booster/focal reducer lens adapter
1 X rear cap
1 X body cap