Pixco Handheld Shock Absorber Bracket for DJI Osmo Pocket

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Handheld Shock Absorber Bracket for DJI Osmo Pocket Handheld Gimbal Accessories 4-axis Handheld Stabilizer Yuntai Pocket Camera Outdoor Shooting unfold



  1. Hand-held photography to record the bits and pieces of life.
  2. Pocket PTZ camera, four-axis stabilizer.
  3. The four-axis stabilizer provides a steady increase for OSMO pocket. The spring-damped design is used to improve the phenomenon that the user's hand-held stabilizer moves up and down due to the natural movement of the hand in the up and down direction during smooth walking or jogging.
  4. It is unique and without restrictions. Can meet a variety of shooting methods, stability can be increased by 30%, expand a variety of handheld methods, make OSMO POCKET more professional.
  5. Universal screw, free-hanging. The top and top of the handle are equipped with a 1/4 screw interface, which can be used with a variety of equipment, such as the installation of mobile phone clips, tripods and so on.
  6. It cannot be folded, can directly hold the phone, the screen is more intuitive, and the control is more convenient.


Package included:

1 x Shock absorber bracket



  1. This stabilizer is dedicated to Osmo pocket. Do not carry other cameras or handheld heads.
  2. Do not tighten the double-head screws and the equipment too tightly to avoid the situation that the double-head screws can't be lowered.

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