Pixco RL-45X Double Arms LED Light 3200K-5600K Photography Lamp

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1. All-Round Adjust The design of the hose is strong, and the twisting is not easy to break and sag so that the coaxial lamp has A variety of fill angles to improve shooting efficiency
2. Multi-angle Rotating design under the lamp body, so that the coaxial lamp has multiple fill angles Improve shooting efficiency
3. In the power-on state, press the switch knob to enter the color
temperature adjustment mode when the display shows the color temperature value. The color temperature can be adjusted from 3200K to 5600K, gradually increasing in the clockwise
direction, decreasing in the counterclockwise direction, and changing the toggle button by 100K.
4. Dual Power Interface Equipped with USB power interface can attract mobile phone charging live broadcast Dropped line; mobile phone charging/live broadcast two correct, fast and convenient design.



Light Source: LED 
Input power: AC 110V-240V
Output power: 45W
Adjustment range: step-less dimming
Color temperature: 3200K~5600K
Color rendering index: RA>90
LED number: White 112pcs / Warn 112pcs
Dimmer: Stepless adjustment
USB charging interface: 5V,2A


Package Include:
1x Pixco RL-45X Double Arms LED Light
1x Power adapter
1x AC charger power line
1x Manual
1x Phone holder

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