Pixco USB Clip-on LED Ring/Round Light Flexible Plant Grow Lamp

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Model: RL-06 (Ring)
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  • RL-06 (Ring): Dimmable Brightness: Outlet switch controls 9 brightness levels 11%, 22%, 33%, 44%, 55%, 66%, 77%, 88%, 100%. Grow Light meets the growth needs of different plants to a large extent.
  • RL-06 (Ring): 3 Colors Adjustable: White/Warm/Yellow.
  • RL-05X (Round): 3 Lever Brightness.
  • Mountable Strong Clamp: It can stand on the table or clipped on the desk. The flexible gooseneck can adjust any degree that you want. You can lengthen and shorten the distance between lamps and houseplants freely.
  • Freely 360 °rotated, flexible long arm makes it easy to position the phone at the ideal distance and angle for comfortable viewing. USB recharging, do not bother your moving in live broadcast, selfie.
  • Selfie ring led light with a mobile phone bracket and gooseneck hose, you can clip on table, desk, bed and rotate any angle to free your hands.
  • 5V USB Indoor Using: Indoor Grow lamp is suitable for indoor plant seedlings grown in a hydroponic greenhouse at your home or your office. It helps to speed up the growth of various flowering plants, greens and succulents.


Power Source: 5V USB
Input Voltage: DC 5V
Input Current: 2.5A
LED power: 12W
Lumens: 100-360LM
Material: Aluminium Alloy + PC
Height: 610mm(RL-05X)/680mm(RL-06)
Light diameter: 100mm
Wire length: 165mm(RL-05X)/200mm(RL-06)


Package Include:

1 X LED Light
1 X Desktop Hose Clamp
1 X Phone Holder Clip

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