Tevidon-C Mount Adapter

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This high-quality adapter mount enables you to modify a For Carl Zeiss Jena Tevidon Bayonet lens to C Mount. with c-m43/nex adapter you can fit For Tevidon lenses to your EVIL cameras with focus infinity. And the adapter mount also is useful for Tevidon M25 screw C Mount lenses, the original For Tevidon M25 screw C Mount lens can not focus infinity without modifying the rear of the lens. The For Tevidon-c adapter made by copper alloy plating black chromium



ForTevidon - C adapter is for most of the fixed focus lens (10mm 16mm 25mm 35mm 50mm 70mm 100mm) but is not certainly for the Tevidon zoom lens. 
Some For Tevidon lens in apart original adapter will see there is a metal line, it will lead to after replacing our adapter mount the lens can't infinity, so please pull down the line and replace the mount with For Tevidon to C Mount Adapter Mount, that lens can be the infinity.



For Tevidon - c adapter you can transfer to:
1) C - NEX adapter
2) C - the m4/3 c adapter


Compatible with:

For Carl Zeiss Jena Tevidon Lens

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