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Lens Adapter Ring V-M42 Suit For Schneider lens V mount adapter M42 screw port adapter



Schneider line scanning lens, industrial lens, industrial macro lens, etc. V mount lens to M42 screw mouth for the ring,

All-metal manufacturing, easy to install and use, with the appropriate tuning cylinder (need to buy another),Can be transferred to a variety of digital SLR or micro single-camera use,Different specifications of the lens with a different focus tube, With the appropriate can be infinite focus.


V-M42 to use mouth ring installation method is as follows

  • will ring installed in the back-end of the lens.
  • with a screwdriver to tighten the ring on the three screws can be.
  • connected to the focusing cylinder and installed on the body, the visual lens aperture readings are at 12 o'clock position, such as the location of a deviation, you can loosen the three screws and rotate the lens to the appropriate location, and Then tighten the screw can.


Suit For

V mount Schneider line scan camera, industrial camera, industrial macro lens, etc. V-mount lenses


NoteThe selling price does not include the lens in the picture


Package Include:

V mount adapter M42 screw port adapter V-M42 1XPCS

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