Wide Angle Metal Lens Hood

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Metal Wide Angle Lens Hood For lens with 52mm filter thread



1.This rotating lens hood is designed for digital cameras with either built-in or interchangeable zoom lenses.

2.The hood protects against stray light reflection hi tting the surface of the lens, and at the same time will not vignette the corner s when using the wide angle feature of the lens.

3.It is a professional quality screw-in metal lens hood. Using a lens hood will greatly reduce the risk of flare and low contrast photos.

4.Anti-reflective to reduce flare. Suitable for film, video and digital cameras.



1.In the backlight, side light or flash photography, it can prevent non-imaging light to avoid haze

2.Shun light and side light photography, to avoid the scattered light into the lens around

3.In light photography or night photography, to avoid the interference of light entering the lens

4.You can prevent accidental damage to the lens, also avoid finger inadvertently lens surface, but also to some extent for the lens block the wind, rain and snow

5.Easy to install and use



-100% Brand New & High quality.

-Made of aluminium.

-Color: Black

-Type: screw-in,easy application.

-Mounting thread: 52mm >


Suitable for:

Any lens with 52mm filter thread


Package included:

Metal Wide Angle Lens Hood For lens with 52mm filter thread

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