Have you ever wondered what types of cameras are being used for shooting those high-quality and well-lit videos and photographs that you have seen lately? Well, you're mistaken if you thought the magic behind this is powerful, expensive camera. Most video creators and photographers are utilizing a lighting tool known as the ring light to produce these well-lit and high-quality videos and photography you see around. 


A ring light is a piece of lighting equipment that enables video creators such as Youtuber or Tiktokers and photographers to obtain a uniform source of light. It is usually made from several connected LED lights that form a circular bulb. It can also be made using a single circular fluorescent bulb.



Reasons to Use a Ring Light 

The device was initially developed for dental and medical use. However, it was adapted for various commercial purposes due to its capabilities, and with time developing, it becomes being more and more widely-used in many fields, which include:


Pixco 18" is able to make lighting more even when taking pictures. It helps distribute lighting on every side of an object or model. It also allows users to create high-quality and well-lit pictures and videos at an affordable cost. 


Makeup Application 

Most can produce enough lighting that can be perfect for makeup application. These ring lights for makeup are an ideal alternative when natural light isn't sufficient or on an overcast day. 


Video Production 

When used as the only source of lighting in the studio, they produce an attractive hallow shadow that outlines the model or subject of the video. As such, photographers can use it to create a professional and dramatic filming looks. Video creators often use tools such as sidelights to complement their Pixco 18" LED ring light with stand for more professional videos and photos. 


Colour Effects 

Video creators often use ring lights to generate different colour effects by applying coloured gels on them or switching white bulbs with coloured bulbs. 


Emphasizing Details 

The structure and design of a ring light make it perfect for highlighting details on videos and photos. Its circular design enables videographers to position their cameras in between the source of lighting. In short, it can allow a photographer to focus on every detail of the shoot. 



How to Choose a Ring Light

Choosing a ring light for personal use can be difficult. There are some factors to consider when shopping for a lighting tool. They include:


Colour Temperature 

For a healthy and warm glow on a model or subject, use a warm colour temperature. Most allow users to use snap-on orange filters to change the colour. However, Pixco 18" LED ring light features a more convenient option that will enable users to switch to a dimmer colour. 




Warranties vary across retailers. As a general rule, buy a lighting device with at least ten months purchase warranty. 


Size and Power 

The power and size determine the quality of its output. The higher the colour index and the lumens of them, the better the colour representation and lighting output. It is what makes the difference for those interested in colour accuracies, such as hair colourists, tattoo artists, and makeup artists. Consider a ring light that has a dimmer knob for brightness control. They make the life for a photographer easier by allowing them to adjust brightness without moving the light stand. 


Camera Type 

Consider the type of camera you will be using before buying. Choose a ring light that is big enough for your iPad or DSLR camera if you want to use it for taking selfies. Make sure it is safe and has consistent lighting that can last long. 



Most come with accessories such as a camera bracket, phone bracket a mirror, a carry bag, and a gooseneck. However, make sure that the power adaptor of yours is compatible with your plug. 


LED vs. Fluorescent Bulbs 

Fluorescent ring lights are not as durable as LED ring lights. They are considered old lighting technology. One of the disadvantages of using fluorescent bulbs is that they may produce flicker or humming sound over time. They also tend to become hot when used for long. Again, you might have to replace it if the fluorescent bulb breaks. In contrast, LED ring light does not emit heat, so they are a perfect option for makeup application. 



How To Position a Ring Light

First, position your subject where you want and then place your lighting device in front of the camera. Ring lights can be used with professional cameras or camera phones. Either way, positioning them in the centre of the camera will enable you to get even lighting. Tripods and clips can be used for holding the light tool and camera in place. Even if you don't want to shoot through your ring light, you can use it for different creative lighting setups to give you an enhanced indoor look. They allow videographers and photographers to use constant light to adjust the distance from the subject and power.


In short, it will enable you to get the desired effect before taking a shot. A flash ring light allows users to take several test shots to determine light strength and distance changes that are needed. 




Ring lights can help build your online presence by providing professional-looking videos and photos. Our device is compatible with virtually any camera or smartphone. It comes fitted with constant current drive, low power loss, and dimmable LED lighting technologies. It also has environment and safety protection, low heat output and non-ultraviolet and infrared light radiation technologies. Ring light photography doesn't emit heat that could make a makeup application uncomfortable. 


In a word, a ring light can be a perfect lighting option for a brand or person with an online presence. It can help create professional videos and photos for building a brand. For more pls check Pixco online or Amazon shop to see if they can meet your requirements and needs.


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