What Is the Speed Booster Focal Reducer

The speed booster focal reducer is a separately purchased lens adapter that allows for a full-frame lens to easily be mounted onto APS-C or a micro four thirds mirrorless camera. The main reason that this would be so beneficial to you is due to the optics that can be found inside the speed booster focal reducer.


Firstly, it is claimed that if you are to reduce the image magnification, then the lens adapter works to give an overall focus length multiplier by around 0.7x. In other words, it promises you a nearly full-framed field of view on APS-C.


A second reason why this would be so useful is that the way the speed booster focal reducer increases the lens speed by a stop, turning an F2.8 full-frame lens, for example, into an F2.0 optic. It then goes on to allow high-quality, low light shooting alongside the lower ISO sensitivity.


Of course, all of this comes at a cost. However, the general public consensus believes that the high-quality product you receive is undoubtedly worth it. It works to improve either your hobby or career genuinely.



Micro Four Thirds Camera Development and Use 


Micro Four Thirds cameras have been on the market for around ten years now. They have grown to become the preferred options for professionals and amateurs alike. The relatively small camera bodies can have brilliant quality features, including a high dynamic range, around 16mp sensors, and high ISO sensitivity.


The micro four thirds camera also has some pretty significant advantages for wildlife photographers due to the composition of its sensors and other technology. The top shutter speed, high ISO range, and high resolution all prove extremely valuable when getting out there and snapping some pictures. The two times crop factor also allows you to get closer, and often focus on the tiniest of subjects. This leaves you with some magnificent, otherwise impossible images.


As the micro 4/3 camera format has begun to gain increasing popularity throughout the world, many professional quality lenses have been developed, such as the Pixco M42-Micro 4/3 Speed Booster Focal Reducer Adapter. This high-quality speed booster focal reducer doesn't spare on quality but is a cost-effective solution to a market otherwise riddled with high prices.


It works to increase your image exposure to just one shot, and you can utilize the faster shutter speed to shoot a good picture. Unlike most of its kind, it is available for only $89.9. Many people who were wanting to purchase a micro 4/3 speed booster focal reducer lens similar to this one but didn't have the funds surely should buy one.


The high maximum shutter speed also gives you a leg up on all the wildlife that like to move so quickly that you can't snap a pic of them, such as the fast pulsing wings of a hummingbird. With the micro four thirds camera lens, a wide range of benefits come along with its purchase alongside a speed booster focal reducer.



How Can the Speed Booster Change the Focal Length and Aperture of a Lens


The most straightforward way in which you can attempt to understand a camera speed booster focal reducer is to think of it as the opposite teleconverter, due to the way it reduces your focal length. It then causes a sort of snowball effect on the F-number of the lens due to the F-number being the focal length divided by the width of the entrance pupil. It then reduces the focal length without having to change the entrance pupil, which would increase the F-number.


To put this into some form of context, if we were to add a speed booster focal reducer to a 50mm F1.4 lens, it would turn into a 35.5 mm F1.0. But due to it needing to be mounted on an APS-C camera, it becomes necessary to multiply those numbers by the cameras "crop factor" if you want to complete the process and compare the lens-plus-adapter combination to a full framed camera.


So, the result of this would be a 53.25 equivalent lens that gives the same depth of field as an F1.5 lens would on a regular full-frame camera. If all this doesn't already sound pretty amazing, just remember that it also works to illuminate an area that is larger than the sensor.


Through using a speed booster focal reducer rather than losing all the light, you are condensing it all together onto your sensor, which is quite amazing. The result of this is that your full-framed lens has behaved in a way expected of a full-frame body, pretty cool!



The Effect on a Micro Four Thirds Camera with a Speed Booster


So, the final question that arises when looking back on this information is, what is the impact that a speed booster focal reducer has on a micro four thirds camera? The glass in the speed booster focal reducer effectively works to take the light from the lens into the camera, which allows it to compress the light onto a much smaller area.


The compression of this light has three significant beneficial effects on the outcome of the image, the first of which is how it gives you a much broader angle view through the same lens of the micro four thirds camera.


For example, if you have a 22mm lens, using the speed booster focal reducer will bump it up to the equivalent field of view that is usually acquired only by purchasing a 50mm lens on a full-frame camera. A second benefit gained from compressing the previously mentioned light is how you increase the "sharpness" of the image.


Despite this sounding unbelievable, think about it in the following way. Say you take a jpeg into photoshop and shrink down the image to a smaller size. And you will indeed notice that the perceptual sharpness of the model improves, which is another great benefit that comes with the use of a speed booster focal reducer on a four-thirds camera.


A final benefit relates to where you almost double the amount of light captured by a standard image, which increases the clarity and overall looks of the photo. Many significant effects come alongside the purchase of a speed booster focal reducer to help improve the pictures you take with a micro four-thirds camera. It is clear why so many professionals chose to use this technique to improve their shots. Pixco has launched and offered a wide variety of speed booster focal reducer solution for micro four thirds cameras. Want to know more, just click here for more information.


For M42-Micro 4/3 Speed Booster Focal Reducer Adapter

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