Lockable shoulder strap elastic foam material

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Comfortable to carry around. The strap adopts ergonomic design and the weight is distributed evenly and reduced by neoprene pad.

Two adjustable stopper at both front and rear of the strap designed to limit the camera gliding movement.

Lockable connectors constructed of metal. It is strong, swivels smoothly and locks to ensure the safety of your cameras.



  1. camera strap is soft, strong, with compression, shock absorption, anti-skid function, you can reduce the carrying amount of the shoulders and neck, so that users feel more comfortable

2.there are activities across the lock, for a variety of brands with perforated SLR camera, telephoto, camcorders, digital cameras.

3.can be adjusted according to different models.



fabric: thick high elastic waterproof foam lining

side: non-slip soft compression mat.


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