Pentacon 6 Kiev 60-Sony Adapter

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For using Sony / Minolta cameras with all high quality Kiev 60 / For Pentacon 6 mount lenses.

Fit For all Pentacon 6 / Kiev 60 mount lens (there have many high quality Kiev P6 lens , which you can use in new For Sony Alpha DSLR camera)

You can use the lens in Manual or Av mode, Av model still have metering.

It supports infinity focus.

Made by high quality Aluminum



Put red marks of the adapter and lens collar together.

Turn the adapter clockwise till the fixative click.

mosty it will use Manual or Av mode.

some Sony / Minolta camera need set 'no lens mode' before use the adapter



To remove the adapter you should unpress fixative pin and turn the adapter anticlockwise.


Work For:

For all Pentacon 6 / Kiev 60 mount lens

For Sony Alpha DSLR camera

Such as: A390 A900

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