Photography props Steel wool shoot fireworks light painting graffiti Set

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(A) material:Portable egg beater, steel wool, wire rope, lighters, umbrellas and other security measures
B) Cut the steel wool for different size(depends on yourself), and then widen it to be bigger, so that can allow more air to enter and helps to completely combustion, finally put it into the egg beater.
C) With wire tie up
(D) Select the most appropriate location, must be no combustible materials nearby, away from the crowds and vehicles, get ready and lit the steel wool to turn out spark.
E) Set up the camera. Generally these steel wool can burn for about 20 seconds, but the exposure time should be too long with 13 seconds is sufficient. Data for reference only.
1. Steel wool:
It is used in the furniture industry, being a very good cleaning accessory;
Due to its abrasive characteristics, it is used to clean also the glass without water or cleaners;
It cleans and polishes the stainless steel;
It cleans copper pipes and joints;
It prepares walls surface for painting;
It removes rust from metal and tile using turpentine.
Steel wool shoot fireworks light painting graffiti.

2.Portable egg beater:
material:Stainless steel

3. Great for hoisting, lifting, binding, and chain, grinder, etc.
Product Name: Steel Wire Cable
Material: Steel
Color: Gray;

4.Protect Goggles:
Anti-fog coating to prevent fogging scratch-resistant coating to prevent scratching
Multi-angle lens tilt, surround design suitable for most users, ultra-light quality, full flank protection, adjustable temple length, scratch anti-fog lenses
Protection: effective protection iron, dust, sand, etc. splash caused danger to the eyes.
Suitable for mining, cooking, riding, motorcycles, construction, hardware, car and so on.

5. Cotton Safety Work Gloves:
Material: cotton yarn.
Free Size, fit for most people.
Mainly applied to cargo handling, construction sites, metal processing, steel manufacturing, plastic plants, chemical plants, electronic factories, shipyards, packaging, printing, electrical engineering, mechanical manufacturing, everyday life protection, non-slip, wearable, and cold-room and soon.

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